dimanche 25 avril 2010

The Uniform Project

The Uniform Project is a 1-year long project where a girl (Sheena Matheiken) wears the same dress/tunic everyday and layers it differently, uses different accessories, different styles; basically reinvents the dress every day for a year. Today was the 359th day!! All the funds that have been raised with this project go towards the Akanksha Foundation, a project based around "bringing education to children living in the slums".
Thumbs up to Sheena for originality, style and devotion!

1 commentaire:

mari0n28 a dit…

C'est excellent !!!
Elle a des idées de fou pour customiser sa robe! Et c'est tellement une bonne idée qu'elle l'aie fait pour récolter des fonds pour des enfants !!
Waouhh! Alors il y a vraiment des gens bien .. :)